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Resources and Links

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Use the Links list for links to Web pages that your team members will find interesting or useful.
West Virginia's 21st Century Skills Matrix
This is a hyperlink to West Virginia's 21st century skills matrix (thanks, Michael!).
Edutopia - Making the Case for Social Media in the Classroom Century Skills/PDFtwentyfirst century skills.pdf
New Tech High School
This school is implementing the 21st Century Skills by using project based learning. Century Skills Final.doc Century Skills/PDFtwentyfirst century skills.pdf
SREB - This website provides some background on the underlying ideas of 21st Century Skills (for definition purposes)
SREB - This is the parent page for the above web page.
Student Tool for Technology Literacy
Towson University Student Tech Survey
Technology Integration Student Survey
Speak Up Survey
Sample Student Survey on using 21st Century Skills
Student Survey