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The following Strategic Plan Project site has been designed to promote and support transparency in our organization.  We encourage our community members and employees to view the activities of all seven (7) project teams.  Comments/suggestions are welcome and may be submitted by selecting the "SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS" link.  In addition, BPS employees may upload informational/resource documents by selecting the "UPLOAD DOCUMENTS" link.  NOTE:  If you are an employee and you do not see the UPLOAD DOCUMENTS link, click SIGN IN in the upper right hand corner of the screen.



February 3 21st Century Project Team Meeting 
 1/27/2011 2:53 PM
by BREVARDSCHOOLS\young.andrea
 9/15/2010 10:40 AM
by BREVARDSCHOOLS\young.andrea
 7/28/2010 10:10 AM
Personal folders available for documents 
 6/16/2010 7:23 AM
Welcome to the 21st Century Skills Project Team Share Point Site! 
 6/16/2010 7:22 AM

 Meeting Agenda/Minutes

21st century team notes 2-17.docx21st century team notes 2-17BREVARDSCHOOLS\Molledo.Maggie
Meeting Notes 21st Century  Feb 3 2011.docxMeeting Notes 21st Century Feb 3 2011BREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth
Notes from 21st Century definitions presentations Nov 16.docxNotes from 21st Century definitions presentations Nov 16BREVARDSCHOOLS\Molledo.Maggie
Meeting Notes 21st Century Nov 16 2010.docxMeeting Notes 21st Century Nov 16 2010BREVARDSCHOOLS\Molledo.Maggie
Meeting Notes 21st Century Oct 12 2010.docxMeeting Notes 21st Century Oct 12 2010BREVARDSCHOOLS\Molledo.Maggie
Meeting Notes 21st Century Sept 14 2010.docxMeeting Notes 21st Century Sept 14 2010BREVARDSCHOOLS\Molledo.Maggie

 Team Documents

Folder: TimelineTimelineBREVARDSCHOOLS\young.andrea
Folder: StatusStatusBREVARDSCHOOLS\young.andrea
Folder: Beth ThedyBeth ThedyBREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth
Folder: Mark TormoenMark TormoenBREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth
Folder: Sharon ReynoldsSharon ReynoldsBREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth
Folder: Maggie MolledoMaggie MolledoBREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth
Folder: Linda MarkleyLinda MarkleyBREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth
Folder: Vicki MaceVicki MaceBREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth
Folder: Daniel JulichDaniel JulichBREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth
Folder: Annetha JonesAnnetha JonesBREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth
Folder: Vickie HickeyVickie HickeyBREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth
Folder: Michael CorneauMichael CorneauBREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth
Folder: Julie CookeJulie CookeBREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth
Folder: Chris CleasbyChris CleasbyBREVARDSCHOOLS\Thedy.Beth

 Team Members

  Annetha Jones, Assistant Principal, Jackson Middle
  Beth Thedy, Director, Middle School Programs
  Chris Cleasby, Business Partner
  Daniel Julich, Grant Project Coordinator, Secondary Programs
  Julie Cooke, Teacher, Palm Bay High
  Linda Markley, Resource Teacher, Middle School Programs
  Maggie Molledo, Technology Integrator, Educational Technology
  Mark Tormoen, Principal, Viera High
  Michael Corneau, Principal, Stevenson Elementary
  Sharon Reynolds, Resource Teacher, Elementary Programs
  Vicki Mace, Director, School Choice
  Vickie Hickey, Business Partner

 Team Meetings

There are currently no upcoming events.

 Resources and Links

  West Virginia's 21st Century Skills Matrix
  Edutopia - Making the Case for Social Media in the Classroom Century Skills/PDFtwentyfirst century skills.pdf
  New Tech High School Century Skills Final.doc Century Skills/PDFtwentyfirst century skills.pdf
  Student Tool for Technology Literacy
  Towson University Student Tech Survey
  Speak Up Survey
  Student Survey