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Projects > Learning Management Systems to Support Instruction > PROJECT DESCRIPTION AND DESIRED OUTCOMES > What is a Learning Management system (LMS)?  

PROJECT DESCRIPTION AND DESIRED OUTCOMES: What is a Learning Management system (LMS)?


What is a Learning Management system (LMS)? 


The terms “Learning Management System” (LMS) or Local Instructional Improvement System (LIIS) refer to a system that uses electronic and digital tools that provide teachers, administrators, students, and parents with data and resources to systematically manage continuous instructional improvement. The system supports relevant activities such as instructional planning, information gathering and analysis, rapid-time reporting, decision-making on appropriate instructional sequence, and evaluating the effectiveness of instruction. The system shall integrate instructional information with student-level data to provide predictions of future student achievement.

Brevard’s goal is to provide a Learning Management system in a single sign-on environment that will give users a single point of entry with integrated data and reporting capabilities. A successful LMS will save students, teachers, and administrators’ time, effort, and minimize the need for multiple user ids and passwords while making actionable data available to assist instruction in real-time.

Additional LMS standards and initiatives as defined by the Race to the Top and Florida Statue 1006.281-Learning Management Systems can be found in the Team Documents area.


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